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Paul Quzz

Audio Technician / BELLOSTREAM Engineer

Paul takes his craft seriously, and with as much passion as you would expect from someone who has been involved in the music industry for as long as he has. He joined the BELLOSOUND team as an Audio Technician in 2016 and has been assuring quality sound and setups at all of our events since. Paul also overlooks the ever-evolving online radio station of the company – BELLOSTREAM – connecting DJs, musicians and music stylists with a platform to share their music and inspiration. When not on-site for BELLOSOUND or on the air with BELLOSTREAM, Paul is relentlessly working on his own productions in the studio and testing them out during his shows at venues around Toronto.

Favourite BELLOSOUND moment to date ?

“Working with the BELLOSOUND team to create our online radio station, BELLOSTREAM. It’s a privilege to work with talented DJs, musicians and music stylists and give them a platform¬†to share their ideas and inspiration.”