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Christopher Birley

Studio Assistant & DJ

Joining BELLOSOUND in 2018, Christopher serves as Daniel’s assistant, curates client playlists, creates shows and deejays for the BELLOSTREAM radio app as DJ Brazen. Although he grew up in a home where he heard Mozart and Cat Stevens, his own tastes are for house, techno, hip-hop, soul, and other dance forms, citing influence by Parisian DJs such as Justice and Laurent Garnier but also UK DJs like Denis Sulta and Four Tet. His own goal as a DJ is to play throughout the world, learn about the music industry, and to ‘live a life immersed in music,’ but stay rooted to Toronto underground scene to expose forward-thinking crowds to new sounds.

Favorite BELLOSOUND moment?

“My favourite BELLOSOUND moment is hosting our “Live From The Studio” show alongside our president and CEO, Daniel Buckman. Once every two weeks Dan and I get behind the decks and broadcast a live DJ set on our radio app; BELLOSTREAM. It’s fun to DJ back to back, but what really excites me is seeing people tuning in from all over the world.”