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Conor Murphy


Conor Murphy has music in his blood. Although it may have skipped a few generations, as he dates it back to a great-grandmother who was a renowned opera singer in the forties. Indeed Conor cites Pavarotti and classical music as big a part of his musical education as much as his  interest in contemporary singers, including Josh Groban and Jeremy Jordan. Classically trained, with a degree in vocal music and opera from the University of Toronto, the St. Ann’s native sings Jazz, opera, pop, musical theatre, performs covers and originals, and is comfortable solo or out in front of a band or full orchestra. New to the BELLOSOUND collective, Conor sees music as having the “innate ability to connect the deepest and truest part of ourselves” which allows audiences to experience an emotional journey that can transform an individual’s day.

Favorite BELLOSOUND moment?

“The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Mother’s Day brunch. I love the experience that performing live brings me because it is impossible to fabricate the exchange of energy that happens when you connect with your audience. I am so grateful to be a member of a team that supports my ability to make my passion work.”