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Corry McGibbon

Technical Director

Providing specialized solutions for delivering content within any environment, Corry is a man comfortable out of the spotlight. A self described ‘boxes and wires guy’ he has a degree in Sound Engineering, in addition to being a Certified Technology Specialist. While he’s been deftly working his magic behind the scenes for more than 16 years, he’s spent the last 3 in the symbiotic role as Technical Director within BELLOSOUND designing how (and the quality of which) sound reaches and influences the audience. Recently Corry’s role has exponentially expanded into more varied media formats, ranging from video to leveraging existing and emerging digital platforms into the live experience. When pressed into simply breaking down the many benefits of his craft, he would say you don’t know what you don’t have, until you hear and see what we do.

Favourite BELLOSOUND moment to date?

“The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto (Canada), and Silicon Valley (California), where we completely revamped both sound systems eliminating audio bottlenecks which, in turn, brought to life the full spectrum of the BELLOSOUND experience for the facilities.”