Summer Madness Pt. 1 by The Soul Surfers
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Danny Karl Munshi

Music Curator

Global. Expansive. Passionate. Music Curator Danny Karl Munshi brings to BELLOSOUND a broad perspective having lived abroad and having toured the world as a musician and sound engineer. Now Toronto based, and new to the BELLOSOUND team, Danny is focused on the relationship between sound and space, understanding that melody, energy, and even lyrics impact an atmosphere as much as genre. When curating, he researches every aspect of a potential experience to ensure his selections reflect a client’s mission, service, or brand. Incorporating everything from Jazz and Electronic to Punk, Danny loves that BELLOSOUND enables him to continue to travel to new places, develop new skills, and to work with people as devoted as he is to discovering new sounds everyday. 

Favourite BELLOSOUND moment to date?

“Representing BELLOSOUND at IDS, and getting to chat with people about our shared love of music and how it can transform any space and create any mood.”