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Dustin Hogan

Regional Manager & DJ

Dustin Hogan never thought he would take music beyond friends’ basement parties. But the chance to open for Armin Van Buren inspired him to enter a contest where he was so nervous his hands were literally shaking on the decks. Afterward, came a life changing moment: Stay in Calgary running a landscaping business and DJing on the side or forsake that stable situation to pursue a musical dream. Lucky for fans of DJ D-Fresh, Dustin chose the latter and one day in 2010 sold his business, sold his house, and packed everything up to attend music production school in British Columbia. Striving to connect with an audience “at a level beyond words”,  Dustin focuses on uplifting and upbeat tunes that will elicit the maximum positive response. In this effort, he credits Sam LaMore as a primary influence, but says he is also inspired by cinematic music, such as that of Hans Zimmer, who composes colossal scores that are simultaneously both simple and powerful. When not spinning for BELLOSOUND, Dustin runs The Rock Star Academy, which trains people on personal development strategies.

Favorite BELLOSOUND moment?

“Playing a private event in Edmonton at Hugo Boss. The staff and clients were incredibly gracious and grateful that I was there. In addition, I helped manage and organize the four other gigs that were going on simultaneously at Hugo Boss stores through Western Canada. It was fun to receive updates from the team while playing my set. Knowing that there were four other BELLOSOUND DJs creating memorable moments at the same time was exciting.”