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Hanna Kubis

Creative Assistant

Working directly with BELLOSOUND founder and CEO Daniel Buckman, Creative Assistant Hanna Kubis plays a range of vital roles producing creative content, sourcing music for clients, organizing schedules, and assisting with accounting. The Sociology graduate formerly worked for a boutique public relations firm, but loves being with BELLOSOUND for the chance to everyday be exposed to new artists and creative design and to challenge herself to discover new sounds. To Hanna, music is “fluid and constant” and fits in naturally with every aspect of her life. She grew up on her mom’s record collection, ranging from Al Green to Elvis Costello and Pink Floyd. Today, she’s drawn to everything from bedroom pop to R&B but considers her tastes “genre-less” as she is just as likely to listen to rap as she is to go deep with folk.

Favourite BELLOSOUND moment to date?

“Working collectively as a team to prepare for the Interior Design Show. I got to experience a taste of how much goes into the production side and it was quite fun working with talented designers and musicians/DJs.”