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Josh Bourgouin D’Aguiar

Production Assistant

To hear Josh Bourgouin D’Aguiar tell it, music was his “main muse” before he was born, when his pregnant mother went to a Tony! Toni! Toné! concert. A lifelong performing artist and event organizer, he knows the importance of providing audiences with a memorable visual and sound experience. In late September 2023, he joined BELLOSOUD in operations, where he’s involved with setting up and striking public and private events. When he’s not ensuring DJs and musicians are set up for success when it comes time for them to shine, Bourgouin D’Aguiar enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, biking, roller skating, swimming, and writing and performing his own original music. 

Favourite BELLOSOUND memory to date?

“Independently setting up and striking my first private event in the form of a house party. The client had requested an elaborate sound system setup that included having our DJ for the evening perform from a private balcony above the party guests. I was able to oblige their creative eye, which resulted in a very happy client, a very happy DJ, and very happy partygoers.”