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Thomas Reynolds

DJ / Guitarist

Trained in Classical and  Jazz under professors who played with the likes of Chet Baker and Miles Davis, Thomas has worked within a diverse range of musical genres, such as, world renowned recording artist, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Canadian Opera Company. Guitarist. Producer for TV and Film. Accomplished DJ. To say that Thomas has a rich musical pedigree would be an understatement, and this shines through in everything he does for BELLOSOUND.  Influenced by Soul, Jazz, Indie and Rock, Tommy’s DJ sets are an eclectic journey through the lens of electronic music. Having worked in the underground dance music world for over a decade, Tommy knows how to move a dance floor. Live performances consist of atmosphere enhancing solo sets with acoustic guitar and vocals or genre bending, electrified sets with solos and high energy rhythms.

Favourite BELLOSOUND moment to date?

“Playing at The Four Seasons Toronto I’ve had the chance to play for many celebrities but my favourites have been Slash (Guns & Roses) and Kings of Leon. It’s a special feeling of accomplishment when you get a compliment from fellow musicians at that level.”