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Valerie Tavares


Born and raised in Toronto, Valerie knows how to get a party started. She has an undeniable passion for music of every genre. She beautifully exhibits her love for Deep House, Funk, Groovy House, Tech House and Latin throughout her BELLOSOUND sets. When not in the DJ booth taking her audiences on an irresistible journey through sound, she can be found in her home studio learning how to create her own productions. What’s next? Valerie would like to take her sound abroad and travel North and South America to play gigs and connect with others through music.

Favourite BELLOSOUND moment to date?

“2016 Toronto Fashion Week. Not only because I love fashion, but because it was also my very first gig with BELLOSOUND. The DJ booth was an integrated element within one of the designer’s exhibits. It was pretty cool to be surrounded by uniquely dressed models!”