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Live Entertainment

Our DJs and musicians are truly in their element when they are focused on making a connection with their audience. BELLOSOUND has built a strong reputation for offering a wide variety of exceptional live events and entertainment.. From intimate house parties to some of the most coveted events in the city, our roster of talent can play it all. We are equipped to produce outstanding events and hold the expertise to direct the music and execute the show. Whether it's for your new product launch or your destination wedding.
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Live Talent

Meet our talented roster of DJs and musicians. Sensitive to the environment they set, our artists tailor their performances to your events and their unique requirements. Their mission is not only to play great music but to try and surpass your expectations when doing so.

Visit our Team section to get familiar with each talent’s unique style and our Gallery to see them in action.

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Private & Corporate Events

No matter what sound you are looking for there’s a team member at BELLOSOUND with the skill and experience perfect for the job. Our DJs and musicians are reliable, personable and focused on making your vision come alive. Our communication with you is thorough, our set ups are seamless and our performances never fail to meet your standards.

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Fashion And Retail

BELLOSOUND has gained a considerable amount of experience and knowledge partnering with the fashion industry. We understand the role of music in fashion and we know how to use it to create an emotional connection when setting the vibe in a retail boutique or curating the sounds of the runway. Since 2012, BELLOSOUND has been the official Music Director at World MasterCard Fashion Week, Yorkdale Fashion Week, White Cashmere and now Toronto Fashion Week.

Contact us now and let us develop an audio strategy that suits your vision and elevates your brand.

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BELLO White Wedding

With over 150 years of combined DJ experience, our roster of DJs know how to rock a party and make your special day unforgettable with the perfect mix of music.

We begin by taking the time to know the bride and groom and understand the experience that they want to create for their friends, family and for each other. We take care of  sourcing and booking the right band and DJ for your wedding and we make sure that everything sounds and looks perfect.

Book a consultation now and let us work with you towards making your big day a memorable celebration.

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