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Music Styling

Music has the ability to soothe, entertain, inspire, and even drive sales. Let BELLOSOUND craft and customize its unlimited potential in your business or home setting.
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Bring BELLOSOUND into your retail environment and transform the shopping experience for both customers and employees alike.

We begin by taking time to understand your brand, your objectives and who your key clientele is. From this critical foundation we then design and deliver bespoke music programs ideal for your unique environment and business challenges.

These programs are then managed remotely, seamlessly and in real-time, to boost the shopping experience, promote loyalty and ultimately drive sales.

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Live music residencies on-premise to full-scale music curation for every
location within, BELLOSOUND has the hospitality industry experience to
deliver against whatever it is you seek.

We’ve built our business around successfully providing exclusive music
services to some of the world’s most notable hotels, restaurants, bars and

So when it comes to custom music program design, licensing, music
delivery, monthly maintenance and/or system-wide support look no further.

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Invite BELLOSOUND into your home and harness the power of the music you have, and the music you’ll soon discover you love.

Our one-to-one in-home consultations begin with getting to know your musical tastes, and existing collection. We then digitize, and thoughtfully organize, what you already own into carefully crafted playlists.

Playlists that are then continually broadened by the integration of our own expert selections guaranteed to always keep you current, and moving to the beat.

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We’re always excited to collaborate with new industries and business verticals to see where music curation, sound design, and/or new technologies can take them.

So if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, please don’t assume we don’t do it or can’t do it. Just know that we’ve yet to have done it, and reach out to start the conversation.

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