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Sean Listro


For DJ Sean Listro it all started with classic rock. Zeppelin. Jimmy Page. That definitive guitar sound. But that all changed when he entered the EDM scene and saw deadmau5 at the Koolhaus, an experience that inspired him to form the electronic DJ duo, Neon Knights, which mixed DJ performance with live instruments. Now, with a decade of experience with corporate events, private functions, and weddings, Sean strives to give people what they want, and get the room moving and smiling, at the same time he challenges listeners to hear familiar songs with unfamiliar remixes, edits, or transitions. With his background in rock, Sean creates a unique full-on entertainment experience. Depending on the event or client, he might come into the crowd playing guitar wirelessly. A BELLOSOUND DJ since 2019, Sean says he was drawn to the team because its branding, image, style, and cool reflected his own values and aesthetics.

Favourite BELLOSOUND moment to date?

“Two moments really. The moment I received an email from Adam  (Ralphs, Director of Operations) booking me at my first show at d|bar. But then also playing at the 2020 Interior Design Show opening party in Toronto.”