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Karim Jivan

DJ Mista Jiggz

Karim Jivan, aka Mista Jiggz, isn’t new to DJing. But back when he started more than twenty years ago, his first gig was a mix of vinyl, cassettes, and discs played on a Magnavox ghetto blaster, a Pyramid PR2700 mixer, and a turntable without pitch control. Since then, he’s lived in Canada and Japan, and DJed far and wide but stayed true to the turntables. Karim grew up listening to numerous music styles and cites influences such as Baba Khan, Sean Sax, and Deadly Hedley Jones. Continuing to delve deeper into the music, he’s developed a signature style of live blends/remixes as an open format performer who can mix quick or let the crowd ease up so songs may “breathe.” Going forward with BELLOSOUND, Karim is determined to broaden his knowledge of production software, tools, and equipment to expand his repertoire with a goal of performing in parts of the world he’s yet to visit.

Favorite BELLOSOUND moment?

“Holding it down on the 1s & 2s for BELLOSOUND inside Quattro at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto, CA. I got to play four hours of amazing music I don’t often get to play. The property and staff were outstanding, and the vibes couldn’t have been better.”