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Miles Raine

Live Talent Manager

Miles is an accomplished Tenor and Soprano saxophone player based in Toronto. He studied classical saxophone at the University of Western Ontario and Jazz with numerous teachers in the Toronto scene, most notably Jane Fair. Miles’ passion lies in contemporary music, backing up and providing a strong presence on stage with many of Canada’s great performers and DJs. His career started with Mark Haines, led to work with Divine Brown, and many of the greats of the Canadian independent music scene. As of late, Miles has been touring with Sean Jones who is represented by Jeffrey Latimer Entertainment (Tenors) and contributes to the live music program of BELLOSOUND in the form of coordinating talent and performing with BELLO’s talented roster of DJs.

Favourite BELLOSOUND moment to date?

“My favourite moment is when we travelled with the Sean Jones band  to perform at a beautiful wedding in the Bahamas. We got the chance to perform alongside Leon Bridges which was great”.