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Natalie Rivera


Cancun. Miami. Toronto’s King Street West. Keybar New York. An EDM Set in front of 3,000 people in Panama City. DJ Natalie Rivera Osorio has been on the decks all over the world mixing genres for audiences and international designers and brands. A native of Medellin, Colombia, who moved to Toronto a few years ago, Natalie grew up in a family of musicians and has been accumulating influences since, although she cites Giorgio Moroder and Axwell as seminal artists. Natalie sees DJing as a cathartic experience in which she is trying to elicit and share emotion with the crowd and enjoys integrating cultures. Deeply versed in House, Natalie also spins Nu Disco, Future, Progressive, and EDM and has unbound ambition to continue to learn and grow so that she will one day DJ the biggest festivals in the world.

Favorite BELLOSOUND moment?

“With BELLOSOUND every moment is incredible. One of my favourite moments is when I’ve had the opportunity to play for a special event organized by Harry Rosen in support of Giants of Africa. I loved it that I could play my music and somehow contribute to a brighter future for children. Another of my favourite moments was when I played at the Toronto Fashion Week as I love to merge music & fashion. With BELLOSOUND, I’m able to play for different kinds of events and work towards creating a memorable experience through music and I love that.”