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Nick Marshall


House. Old School rock and blues. Soul. Anything from Dallas Green to Marvin Gaye. When Nick performs, no two sets are the same. It’s an open format to reflect and then guide the feel and vibe of the room. A Toronto native, and former pro athlete, Nick joined BELLOSOUND in 2017 to spin exclusively for the sound agency at venues ranging from the Four Seasons, Avenue, and Amici to Friday Harbour and Scotiabank Arena. When not performing, he is part of the 44 Bond Street team developing a three level event space to bring art and music to nearby Oshawa.

Favorite BELLOSOUND moment:

The Four Seasons in Philadelphia was pretty incredible because it’s such a beautiful space. But it would definitely have to be performing atop a scaffolding stage in the middle of the field for the Toronto Blue Jays’ Curve Ball Gala at the Skydome.